TEXAS-WENZHOU CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND ALLIANCE is a non-profit association founded by a group of Texas-Chinese people originally from Wenzhou, China. Members include businessmen, entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, new immigrants and college scholars.The purpose of the association is to strengthen ties between friends in Texas and those in China, to build friendship, to promote business opportunity, to expand economic exchanges between Texas and China.  It also serves to enhance culture diversity, and to bring the harmony and prosperity to the local societies.

The TEXAS-WENZHOU CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND ALLIANCE was initiated by local businessmen and was officially founded in 2016. As of today, there are more than one thousand people from Wenzhou living and working in Texas, They choose Texas as their new home and work in many areas of business, from real estate, trading, legal, medical, education, to high tech, etc.

Wenzhou is an eastern Chinese city with a population of eight millions.  The Wenzhou people are famous throughout Asia for their entrepreneurship, hardworking, creative and outreaching to the communities. Wenzhou is among the first cities in China opened up to foreign investments in early 1980s. There was a so called “Wenzhou Model” which led Chinese economy for many years. With more Wenzhou people living in Texas, having the same dream as New England pilgrims hundreds years ago, more and more investment and development opportunities are generated in our beloved state of Texas. This organization is dedicated to bridge between the Chinese American communities, promote mutual benefit for social, culture, education and business.

 美国德州温州总商会暨达拉斯温州同乡会是几位旅美温州人刘健,瞿文占,蔡斌,王考顺,阿洁等发起, 并由在美温州人自发组建创立于2016年 。本会宗旨“为海外打拼的温州人在经商,生活,工作等方面提供力所能及的服务,把乡商会打造成体现温州人共进退,共患难,共扶持的团结精神,为推动达拉斯经贸发展,促进社会和谐共处的社会团体”。

我们要发扬温州人善于以商会友, 积极参与社会实践,勇于创新的大无畏精神。以乡商会为平台,积极响应中国驻美大使馆的号召,为在美华人改变尴尬的境遇做积极的努力。目前,乡商会还处于初建阶段,现注册会员 包括商人,律师,医生,教师,留学生等已达200余人。近几年来,随着达拉斯经济的快速发展,善于捕捉商机的温州人数在逐年递增,至今已达上千人, 主要从事实体经济,科技产业,国际贸易,房地产开发等。乡商会的建立将汇聚更多的商业与社会资源,为达拉斯的经济发展增砖添瓦。